De Zéro à Héros avec Spring Boot

15 Mar 2016
6, rue Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi L-1359 Luxembourg

De Zéro à Héros avec Spring Boot

17H45 : Welcome

18H00 : De Zéro à Héros avec Spring Boot avec Stephane Nicoll

Spring Boot, the new convention-over-configuration centric framework from the Spring team at Pivotal, marries Spring’s flexibility with conventional, common sense defaults to make application development move swiftly and enjoyable.

It’s ideally suited for building microservices and distributed systems and makes streamlining devops practices simple.

Join Spring Boot committer Stéphane Nicoll for a look at what Spring Boot is, why it’s turning heads, why you should consider it for your next application (REST, web, batch, big-data, integration, whatever!) and how to get started.

Attention : La présentation sera réalisée en français !

20H00 : Networking Cocktail