Our next event

Our next events
Day 1
02 Oct 2018

Au delà des brokers: un tour de l’environnement Kafka

Apache Kafka ne se résume pas aux brokers, il y a tout un écosystème open-source qui gravite autour. Je vous propose ainsi de découvrir les principaux composants comme Kafka Streams, KSQL, Kafka Connect, Rest proxy, Schema Registry, MirrorMaker, etc. Venez avec vos questions, plus la session sera interactive, meilleure elle sera !
Florent Ramière

Who we are

We are a group of geeky and fanatic of the JAVA world. Our main goal is to promote the new trends and technologies around the JAVA world and in other technologies

What we do

Promote, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the technologies, applications and methods related to Java, as well as foster the associated open-minded culture. As a Java user Group, participate in Luxembourg objective to become a hotspot for ICT development.

Why us?

Be the link, neutral and independent, between research, users and suppliers of Java. Be an Agora dedicated to the exchange of experience and expertise gathering all stakeholders around Java,

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